Cory Wanless and John Phillips in the news regarding TTC racial profiling case —

On July 11, 2019, the Toronto Ombudsman released a report that was critical of a TTC investigation into an incident in which our client, Reece Maxwell-Crawford, a young black man, was shoved and pinned to the ground by TTC Fare Inspectors in February 2018. The Toronto Ombudsman found that the report failed to examine evidence of potential racial bias and was “not adequately thorough, fair, and transparent” to support its conclusions. Media coverage of the Ombudsman report includes:

Toronto Star, “City watchdog finds TTC did not adequately investigate officers who forcibly detained Black man on streetcar platform”

CBC News, “TTC probe into arrest of black man by fare inspectors fell short, Toronto ombudsman finds”

CBC Metro Morning, “Young man suing TTC for racial profiling reacts to ombudsman’s report”