September 19, 2019 – Statement by Reece Maxwell-Crawford on the resolution of his lawsuit against the Toronto Transit Commission —

Waddell Phillips announces the following statement by Reece Maxwell-Crawford.


I am very happy that the events of February 18, 2018 will be put behind me.

Yesterday, I met with Rick Leary, the CEO of the TTC to discuss my experience and the steps that the TTC has committed to take to address to racial bias and discrimination.

It is very important to me that Mr. Leary has apologized on behalf of the TTC and that the lawsuit I started has been settled.

I am heartened to hear about the TTC’s commitment to implementing the Toronto Ombudsman’s report and engaging in a system-wide anti-racism strategy aimed directly at preventing racial profiling. I am also pleased to hear that the TTC is creating new training programs that will help TTC staff deal with and avoid conscious and unconscious bias, including through the Anti-Racism Task Force. I think the improvements that the TTC intends to make will make our City stronger.

In the interests of putting the matter behind me and focusing instead on moving forward, I will not be making any further statements regarding the incident or the resolution of my lawsuit.

Reece Maxwell-Crawford


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